Your Marketing System Should Be
Creating a FLOOD of Great Sales Leads.

Very few contractors suffer from too many good leads. Good leads fuel success. That's where marketing comes in. Marketing's first goal is to generate leads for your sales staff to follow-up on.

Yes, you must still sell.

Many contractors mistakenly believe a sound marketing program will replace selling. Not true. Marketing cannot replace selling - but it sure makes selling easier and more efficient.

Marketing's second goal is to filter out bad leads. No company can afford to flood the market with sales personnel. The cost would be enormous. An effective marketing program minimizes your sales costs by focusing your sales staff's time and efforts on quality prospects.

Another common mistake contractors make is to confuse marketing with advertising. Marketing is much broader than advertising. Marketing also includes public relations, referrals, community involvement, publishing, and networking.

The most cost effective marketing system is one that generates 100% of sales from referrals. Nobody markets your company better than satisfied customers. Every company should pursue referrals aggressively.

You need marketing systems for:

  • Generating leads from new customers.
  • Generating leads from existing customers.
  • Prodding referrals from existing customers.
  • Collecting testimonials.
  • Staying in touch with your customers.
  • Publicizing your business.
  • Developing new advertising pieces.
  • Building and nurturing your network of well-connected people.

Your Construction Company Will Never
THRIVE Until You Start Selling!

Actively selling your services is absolutely mandatory to the survival and growth of your construction company.

Selling is the single most important activity for you to spend your time on.

When a contractor doesn't sell:

  1. He is forced to compete on price.

  2. He usually struggles to make money.

  3. He has trouble surviving recessions.

Not selling means relying on bidding to generate work. Selling means landing negotiated work. Not selling lets your competition set your price. Selling lets you set your price.

If you really want to make great money you must find good clients. Good clients have problems they are eager to have resolved - and will pay for resolution as long as the cost of the problem exceeds the price of the solution. Hence, uncovering pain is the key to selling success.

In order to land really profitable work, you will need to master the sequence superstar salesmen use:

  1. Ask open-ended questions to uncover your prospect's most pressing pains.
  2. Quantify (dollarize) the cost impact of their pain.
  3. Show them you can solve the problem for less than what it is costing them.
  4. Convince your prospect that you will solve their problem.

Clients can't help but hire you when they understand the value of hiring you. You don't have to be a "superstar" closer to close deals once you've mastered this four-step selling technique.

One last thing you must do is - prospect, prospect, prospect.

Let's be honest here. Prospecting is hard work. Prospecting is tedious, annoying, and even depressing at times. Prospecting is also mandatory if you are interested in having a financially secure business!

Now, to really rev up your business and position it for long term success, you need to install systems for:

  • Qualifying leads.
  • Assigning and prioritizing leads.
  • Following up with prospects.
  • Creating proposals and presentations.
  • Processing orders.
  • Following up with customers after their project is finished.
  • Motivating the pursuit and procurement of profitable sales.
  • Improving the salesmen's selling skills.
  • Networking.
  • Strengthening your customer relationships.
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