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We are always searching for tools to simplify your business and reduce its costs. Some of the products listed below are for sale. Others are free.

We do not earn a commission on all of them but we do on some. However, you can trust our recommendations. We wouldn't recommend these products if we didn't think they were well worth their cost and extremely useful in growing your business.

Most of the products are used for lead generation. If you are like most contractors (and most business owners), you struggle to generate a flood of quality leads. That's why we actively hunt down tools that lower the cost of marketing and raise its effectiveness.

Collect Customer Testimonials
The Easy Way

...and Nothing Is More Persuasive
Than a Powerful Testimonial

Testimonials are the fuel that powers your advertising success. Testimonials break down buyer resistance and create buyer excitement. In the construction world, they give you a tremendous competitive advantage as so few contractors use them. Basically, you MUST collect testimonials.

By far, the easiest way to collect them is to set up an Instant Audio account. When one of your customers is gushing with excitement over the work you did, dial up your instant audio account and hand your customer the phone. It's that easy. And you've captured a great client testimonial that can be used in so many profitable ways.

Would you like to hear what a Instant Audio testminonial? Just click on the play button below.

To see what Instant Audio can do for you or to sign up for an Instant Audio account, click here or on the link below.


An Automated System For
Generating a Flood of Referrals

This service has saved me hours, made my follow-up much easier, and allows me to stay in touch with my clients, prospects, and friends without breaking a sweat.

Heck, the system is even fun and easy to use.

You log on, choose the person you want to send a card to, you choose your card from over 5,000, type in your message, choose your handwriting as your font, apply your signature, and hit send. That's it.

The card is custom printed, put into an envelope, stamped and mailed...without you ever touching it!

I could go on but check it out for yourself. I've only given you a tiny glimpse of what the system can do.

To become a Send Out Cards user:

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To really see how to leverage the Send Out Cards system, check out I prefer to use it as a tool for my growing my business but many, many people are using it as a business in and of itself.

Automated, Low-Cost Telemarketing
for Service Contractors
and Residential Contractors

The challenge you face?

Marketing to a large audience affordably.

The solution?

iBuzzPro telephone broadcasting!

iBuzzPro is a telemarketing sytsem that automatically calls a list of prospects, plays a recorded sales pitch, and makes it easy for interested prospects to get more information about your services, or speak to you directly.

An iBuzzPro telemarketing campaign will let you get your message directly to 10,000 prospects for less than $400. That makes Yellow Pages, Service Magic, and direct mail campaigns appear extraordinarily expensive in comparison.

Click on the image to get more information.


2 Home Study Guides of
Lead Generation Systems

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How To Promote Your Small Business
In Less Than 6 Weeks
-- Starting From Scratch

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