Why Hire A Business Coach?

  • Because you are tired of working you're b**t off and barely scraping by.
  • Because you're tired of being cash strapped.
  • Because you're tired of field crews who let you down.
  • Because no matter what you try, you haven't made acceptable progress.

Listen to an interview on the benefits of hiring a business coaching!

The interview, hosted by Ranger Kidwell Ross, editor of WorldSweeper.com, describes how contractors benefit from hiring a business coach. Click here to hear the interview.

Business coaches are like personal trainers, except instead of helping you improve your personal health and fitness, they help you improve the health and fitness of your business.

Really, why do people hire personal trainers?

To reach their fitness goals as quickly as possible. To help them fight through the difficult times and painful journey they have struggled to fight through on their own. To avoid spending time and energy on unproductive, and potentially harmful, activities.

In summary, people hire personal trainers for their expert guidance and unrelenting motivation.

Business coaches are hired for the exact same reason and they operate in the exact same way: short, intense, schedule meetings that are part learning, part practice, and part goal setting, with a side order of never-ending encouragement and challenge.

Back to personal trainers. What happens every January 2nd?

Thousands of Americans wake up, put on their clothes, look in the mirror and go "WHOA! Where'd those bulges come from? I've got to go on a diet and join a gym!"

So, off to a gym they go to regain the body and health of their youth. Only, they have no idea what to do or where to start. They start on a treadmill. They lift a few weights. They watch others' to see how they exercise. They never ask for help because that would be too embarrassing. The workouts hurt while they are doing them. Their muscles and joints hurt afterwards. After several weeks, they don't look any different. The results just aren't visible. They tried to eat right but social outings kept getting in their way. When hunger hit or they smelled dessert, their will power broke and they indulged.

Despite their best efforts, they never realized the changes they desired.

At this point, most take the cheapest, easiest path - they throw in the towel. But a few take a different path, they hire a personal trainer, start exercising and eating smartly and efficiently, and begin to see rapid results.

Business owners often experience the same feeling. They reach the end of their year, look in the mirror (their income statement) and realize change is needed for their long term health (financial security). So, they make set several personal business goals - find clients who will negotiate, keep a closer eye on field performance, read contracts more carefully, delegate.

Then the fires break out. Jobs start running late. Change orders need pricing. Employees don't show up for work. Employees quit. Clients stop paying. Quality problems arise. And all of the goals and objectives are forgotten as the owner slips back into the old habits.

A business coach keeps owners motivated and committed to doing the things the owner needs to do to achieve the desired results and start making the money the owner so richly deserves.

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